Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Large stones can play too!

By using large boulders, dry stacked, you too can get that Flintstones look. The owner of this wall brought these large boulders from the back of his property to define his driveway and the
front of his lot. This wall is not going anywhere.

Clearing the stone

Dry stack fans from other areas have asked about what kind of stone is available here in Central Texas. With shallow topsoil, and scrub cedar trees steeling most the water, the limestone is visible and plentiful. Early Texas settlers clearing their homestead land used this loose and plentiful stone to make animal pens and mark off their land.
We like to look for walls that incorporate the honeycomb limestone in amongst the thick white limestone blocks. Softer white quarried limestone is easily chunked into shapes and pieces that lend themselves to the art of fitting the stones together in a tight and sturdy structure.