Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dry Stack Rock Walls of Central Texas

This is an information site for documenting dry stack rock walls in the Central Texas region. The stacking of rock that can withstand time and the elements, takes a special talent and a way of seeing the rocks. We are curious, and we hope you are too, about this old skill and why it should be appreciated.
We will seek out and photograph old walls, remnants of old walls and
feature new construction of dry stack and their builders. The old rock walls have a story to tell and have some beautiful form and shape to them. As local landscapers use more and more stone in their designs and landscaping, there seems to be a resurgence in this old skill. Sadly, as cities expand and reach out into the countryside for development, these old walls may be torn down.
The charm and beauty of dry stack should not be a thing of the past, but a skill to be passed on.
In the future we will be featuring photos, casual interviews with these rock workers, where they learned their craft, and why they are interested in keeping it alive.

Please check back often with the Dry Stack Hunter, and see what we have found.
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  1. I love the blog! I live in Hays County off hilliard road and am learn how to dry stack walls. I have built a few and can send pics if you'd like.